Cover photo: Pile O'Bones now known as

Regina, Saskatchewan.

Some of the shows that we have had the privilege of coordinating :

  • July 1 Canada day Lloydminster
  • Heritage day Lloydminster
  • Wood River Roast
  • Canadian Tourism Rendezvous


  • Saskatchewan Southwest Tourism
  • Action Swift Current
  • Grasslands National Park
  • Economic Development Gravelbourg
  • High View Tours
  • Wood River Roast
  • Mankota School Board
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Bar Colony Heritage Society
  • 100 men Lloydminster

Educational Traveling Museum

Miller Promotions is a event planning show case company with 16 years in coordinating shows from start to finish.

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Our 40 years of collecting includes:

Dinosaurs / Fossils /Petrified wood / Meteorites
First Nations Living On The Prairies / Metis
Pioneer House Wear
Queen Elizabeth
Kids Toys & Games
Farm Implement Manuals & Tools
Stamps / Comic Books /Money
Books / Music /Pictures / Sports
Bottles / Furniture
World war 2
Ranch Equipment Saddles & Harness much more