Gerald's Motto:  Bringing People Together!

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The story of the traveling museum started many years ago for Gerald at the age of nine. Every time he would visit his grandfather's  they would give him gifts of antiques and memorabilia which he showcased in his bedroom. This grew into the love of collecting and showcasing antiques and fossils. Eventually Gerald had to move his collection to a small house on the farm. The idea of collecting and building has never stopped. 

A travelling educational exhibit is something Gerald has a passion for and has introduced it to schools, fairs, retirement centers and museums. The purpose is  to teach history and culture to both children and adults. The artifacts are displayed at exhibits of various themes so you can pick and choose. As Gerald demonstrates his knowledge, the show is uplifting, educational and fun for all.  Finally, there are guest tables allowing other groups of collectors to set up and showcase their own antiques.

Educational Traveling Museum